We are a biotechnology company with emphasis on in silico and expert-systems assisted discovery.  

Protein AI was founded in 2004 and now has the lab facilities, the computational platforms, and the scientific expertise available to pursue a bioinformatics-driven approach to vaccine and diagnostic discovery and development. This includes antigens for a number of disease areas such as sleeping sickness and leprosy and specific tools for clinical and field testing that are being developed in collaboration with the Infectious Disease Research Institute.

Recently, we have developed a computational methodology that harnesses the power of cloud computing to represent the proteome of a pathogenic organism by a small number of peptide pools, a method we believe will enable rapid and economical screening of an entire proteome and thereby provide a valuable utility in the quest for new diagnostic, vaccine, and therapeutic targets. We're interested in setting up partnerships where our lab science and computational expertise can help other organizations combat human disease.



We have moved. As part of our expansion to meet the needs of our new grants and contracts Protein AI is delighted to announce its new lab and office space in Eklind Hall of the Seattle Life Sciences Center. To contact us now please use our new address.